Back Up Your IPhone Regularly
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Back Up Your IPhone Regularly

Creating a back up of your iPhone and/or iPad can be the difference between being prepared and loosing everything you got. It is easy to back up to iCloud or iTunes and I cover both in this brief article about backing up. All you need is a few minutes and your iOS device.

One of the most versatile instruments people use today is their cell phone.  Some people call them smart phones, doirds and androids.  One of my favorites is the Apple iPhone; it is really an amazing work of technological genius.  But, like all computer devices, when it isn’t working right nothing in your life will seem to work right.

Most professional people today rely on their smart phone to get important information almost instantaneously, at the tab of a finger on phones screen.  That is why it is vital that you back up your device on a regular basis; once a week at the least, depending on how busy your work load is.  This can take just a few minutes and can save your hide if you lose any important documents you need.

Apple has been an innovator in the computer technologies field for many years and has proven to be a very trust worthy company.  So, if you use one of their devices for business it is vital that you use it to its fullest potential.

Backing up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is simple and not at all confusing.  There are two methods to do this, using iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer or using their iCloud servers.  Using both is really the best option in my opinion, that way if you don’t have access to one you have access to the other.

To back up your device using iTunes is simple.  Plug your device into your computer and load your iTunes program.  On the left side of iTunes you will see categories listing your music library, iTunes Store and when a device is plugged in you will see a category called devices.  Simply right click, command+click on a Mac, on the name of your device and select back up.  This will create a back up of all the important information on your device; including contacts, email settings, wifi settings, calendars and events.  It won’t contain your music; that should already be on your computer any way.  If you have apps that you have purchased right click again and choose transfer purchases; you may need to sign in with your AppleID and authorize that computer for this step.  And that is all you need to do when backing up to iTunes.

When using the iCloud server to back up simply tap on settings from the home screen, then tap on iCloud and go into your iCloud account.  Scroll to the bottom and go into Back Up and Storage.  Simple isn’t it.  You get 5 gigs of free storage capacity and if you need more you can purchase more in the same area you used to create your back.

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