Facts About the IPhone 5
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Facts About the IPhone 5

The new technology which can put the entire space and galaxy into shame, here comes the new device from Apple. It's new, it's hot, it's straight-up old and new, it's the Apple iPhone 5. Prepare to expect what may not actually be expected in this fact sheet. Apple. iPhone. 5. Right here, right now. We are ready!

Earlier on September 12th, 2012. Apple announced the release of the new iPhone known as the iPhone 5. Now this is the kind of machine that people have been waiting for since the formation of mold in your unused bread. 

We are ready and we have gotten the information straight from the announcement. Now we all know that this comes in the same unibody (one body, no removable battery) form that we all care and love. Not to mention that the phone also supports LTE (Long Term Evolution) signals for mobile data, so you can expect faster download speeds on your mobile iPhone. Another notable feature is the new screensize, which is a standard 4" screen, an extra row of icons and the new lightning plug. We'll discuss further on what this new lightning plug is. For now, we'll discuss about the only disadvantage of the new iPhone (aside from the lack of other colours that is), which is that this comes in various models with specific radio bands, and to place it in layman's terms: "The iPhone 5 that you'll be buying domestically cannot be used in certain countries because of the way it was programmed, we don't know if that was made for profit or because of the new LTE feauture so that it couldn't place the rest of the frequencies needed by other cellular carriers around the world).

Now about that lightning plug, it was built to provide faster transfer speeds and to make things easier for the end user. But that being said, it's a drastic change from the standard connector which can cost a lot of money for the customer since he has to buy more accessories related to the new lightning plug, but fret not since there are announcements of a Lightning plug adapter for the older plugs, meaning that you can still hope to use your older iDevice plugs.

So yup, we all know what's up. So expect the iPhone 5 at your local phone carrier within the end of the month, and you can almost sense the good feeling that it has when you hold it in your pocket, not to mention that you have a lot of cool points holding such huge phone that people flock to you because of it, who knows, maybe that foreign exchange student from Korea might actually want to reconsider her purchase of a Galaxy S 3 and might even consider buying a new shiny iPhone. We may not know, but only time can tell on how the iPhone will do in it's market shares.

Comments are appreciated. 

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This is an informative article to know about the newly released iPhone.