How To Make Good Photos On A Mac
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How To Make Good Photos On A Mac

This may sound like some simple advice I'm giving you here, but this knowledge took me a couple of years to bring together, and a lot of searching to find different things. For example, I would be lost if I hadn't found some great free screenshot software, and photo editing software as well.

So this article will explain how to make good photos on a Mac using either free or really cheap software. I'll start by giving you the link to something that I searched long and hard for, which is a totally free video and photo screenshot software for the Mac called Capture Me

Before I got this software, I had no hope of creating my own "unique" photos and videos by taking little bits of anything I saw on my screen. 

You can use this to make a work of art without barely even lifting a finger, however you may want to make some changes to the raw screenshots you get off your computer screen. 

The best photo editing software is Photoshop, and I was lucky enough to find a free download version of that, I just have to keep typing in the list of passwords over and over again whenever I want to use it. 

It's well worth buying the full software if you have money, I just didn't have any money so I got it for free. Photoshop is really hard to use, and that's putting it mildly, because there are so many different features on it. 

It takes forever to try and figure it out by yourself, but that's why there are millions of Photoshop tutorials all over You Tube and everywhere. 

You can make amazing photos using Photoshop, here I'll show you one now called how to make good photos on a Mac:

To be honest, I don't really know how this picture was created, I just took a screenshot and altered the photo a little bit, which I think classifies it as a new image. 

You can take a photo of something on your screen, mess around with it a little in Photoshop, and there you go, you have a new image or composite of different images that you can call your own.

I also use photos like these in iMovie to create great looking You Tube videos. I usually don't bother taking video using Capture Me, because you can just make a video by panning across a photo and adding moving text, but I have made some pretty good videos from screenshots of things I found online. 

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