IPhone Comes to Virgin Mobile
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IPhone Comes to Virgin Mobile

The Iphone has come to Virgin mobile and along with their three plan choices, everyone can now possess the phone without signing contracts and buying additional things that they don't need. Customers can now go buy the phone without a credit check pick their plan and start talking for less.

By Jeramie L Bizzle


U.S.A- Just about everywhere you go, you see kids, co-workers, even the elderly talking to Siri on the IPhone 4s. You may want to get one, but it's too expensive and you have to get a contract that probably cost more than your bills combined. The good news is, you talked, Virgin Mobile listened. Now available, you can get the IPhone 4s for $549, cheaper than At&t. But thats not the best part, your fellow mates will be jealous to find out that you get unlimited talk, text and data for only $55 a month.

Those who may already have an Iphone may ask the question “Whats the catch and why is the plans so cheap”? There's no catch to the plan. The same features such as ITunes, App store and more are at the palm of your hand, listen to all your favorite music, and if your a busy person who is always on the go, Siri is there to assist you with your day to day activities so you can stay on top of your game. The phone functions well as it does on other carriers, and Virgin Mobile is under the same network as Sprint, Nextel and Boost Mobile.

But there are some and pros and cons to everything. The pros are that it's available on a low cost network and it has all the functions with no surprises. The only con is sometimes the network does not respond well. Not all the time but there are possible one or two days out of the month where you just go “UUUgggghhh”. 

Virgin Mobile know for getting phones that are way to expensive at most big name companies and try to make them as affordable as possible, making the colorless brick phones extinct. Besides IPhone, other phones available include Android, HTC and mobile broadband. Another cool feature that the company offers is the ITouch 3g protector sleeve. Not only does it provides protection for your Ipod Touch but it gives it internet data for your device. All these items are below $60 a month, and with kids going back to school and teens going off to college, this is the prepaid company that will make parents and their wallets smile with three plans that fit anyone’s budget:

  • $35 includes 300 minutes, unlimited text and data

  • $45 includes 1200 minutes, unlimited text and data

  • $55 includes unlimited everything. 

All devices from Virgin Mobile are available at all retail stores such as Target, Best Buy and Radio Shack. Activation takes five minutes and if you sign up for surveys and special emails, you can receive offers to get free money added to your account for being a customer. Or visit their site http://www.virginmobileusa.com/shop/ for more information about products and services. In today’s economy, its nice to be able to keep up with the Jones without having bills like them, and although it is just a phone, it is a start.

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