Top 5 Programs to Speed Up Mac Computers
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Top 5 Programs to Speed Up Mac Computers

Mac computers perform a lot better than their Windows-based competitors. They are faster, more reliable and more intuitive. However, even Macs can start experiencing problems with speed and performance. Usually that happens when Macs become cluttered. These top five programs will help you speed up Mac computers in no time.

Even though Macs are pretty fast, people still ask the question "How to speed up my Mac?" quite often. That's because even OS X computers have a tendency to slow down with time. This usually happens because clutter and junk accumulates on your Mac with day-to-day use. Luckily, it is possible to make your Mac faster with the help of some software. Here is a list of top five programs that will help you speed up your Mac.

1. OnyX

OnyX is a great free program that can do a lot to make your Mac faster. It's a tool with many useful functions that address all aspects of performance. With OnyX you can check and verify your startup disk and System Files' structure, configure hidden system settings for Finder, Dock, Spotlight and other apps, clear the cache of your Safari browser, and run various maintenance tasks like repairing permissions and executing maintenance scripts. To cut a long story short, OnyX is essential if you want to have a fast Mac. You can download OnyX here.

2. Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac

Even though OnyX deletes a lot of useless files (like the files in your cache), it can't deal with one type of junk - duplicate files. Duplicate files are useless copies of your existing files that accumulate on your Mac overtime. Usually this happens because you edit or resize your photos, download the same song in different quality using iTunes, save several edit versions of your documents and spreadsheets, and so on. The more duplicates you have, the more cluttered and slower your Mac becomes. Deleting duplicate files with Easy Duplicate Finder will speed up Mac computer a great deal and make your files and folders more organized. You can download Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac from this website.

3. Disk Inventory X

Sometimes your Mac may be running slow because some programs occupy more disk space than they should. The best way to find out which programs do that is to use the free Disk Inventory X utility. This program will show you the sizes of your folders in an intuitive graphical way. You won't be able to delete any files with Disk Inventory X, but you will be able to identify which file need to be deleted and which apps can be replaced with less space-hungry alternatives. You can download Disk Inventory X from CNet.

4. AppZapper for Mac

There is one thing that Mac OS X lacks compared to Windows - an app uninstaller. And that's a big shame because uninstalling apps you no longer use is a great way to speed up Mac computers. AppZapper is the program that will help. It will let you uninstall apps and delete all of their files in a matter of minutes. Just remember that the app works with OS X 10.6 or newer. Head to CNet to get yourself a copy of AppZapper.

5. Dropbox for Mac

OK, so Dropbox is not a maintenance program. But it can still help you speed up your Mac a great deal, as you can move large files to the cloud and thus free up some valuable disk space. Even if you still want to keep your files on your Mac, Dropbox will help you sync them across all your devices, including your iPhone. This is very handy, especially if you are often on the go. You can download Dropbox here. A 2GB Dropbox is completely free.

These programs will help you make your Mac run faster. Download them and enjoy the speed.

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Comments (2)

I don't have a Mac but this is very useful information for those that do.

Thanks for this great information.