What is the Difference Between IPhone and IPad?
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What is the Difference Between IPhone and IPad?

What is the difference between iPhone and iPad? Are there really differences between the two? Which one is suitable for your computing needs? This article describes these two products and points out the two major differences between the iPhone and the iPad. Read this article before you decide to give up your hard earned money.

With digital technology increasingly improving in a matter of months through digital products as tools to access the internet or communicate with other people, it is easy to get lost in the maze of developments in this arena. Now there are so many digital products available in the market and some people who are not that geeky can easily get confused and unable to decide wisely before giving up their hard earned money.

One question posed by consumers is the issue on the difference between iPhone and iPad. These two digital products that appear in many models and variants can easily get people confused especially those who are unfamiliar with these products. Both are produced by Apple Inc.

The younger generation may easily relate and understand the difference betweeen iPhone and iPad but for the more senior professionals and parents who would like to keep up with the times and who have the money or means to buy it either for themselves or for their children, it is a must that they should be able to distinguish between the two.

Before explaining the difference between iPhone and iPad, it would help to have a brief background on the "i" affixed to these digital products.

What does the "i" in Apple Products Stand For?

The first letter is a small "i" which indicates that this has something to do with Apple products as the manufacturer always includes the "i" in their products to show that the product is distinctly their own.

The "i" affixed before every product name stands for "internet" as the main goal of the first digital products of Apple Inc. is easy access to the internet. The "i" may also refer to the individual user who Apple sees as the primary target of its products. So any digital product with an "i" with it is from Apple, such as as discussed here, that is iPad and iPhone, as well as iTunes, iBook, among other products.

Probably later there will be an iWeb to host all these products but from this author's musings in the internet, he found out that indeed there is already an iWeb which focuses on website creation tool which is WYSIWYG based. WYSIWYG simply means "What You See Is What You Get". That means that whatever you design in the course of developing your website will be the appearance of your website in the internet. That means convenience to the user because before, web developers use a different interface when making changes in their websites.

The Difference Between iPhone and iPad

So the previous discussion may already have given a good background to distinguish the difference between iPhone and iPad. What then is the main difference between iPhone and iPad? Are these two Apple products really that different from each other? 

The main difference between iPhone and iPad are enumerated and the advantages and disadvantages are discussed below.

1. Portability

The iPhone, of course, is smaller compared to the iPad. The iPad can easily occupy most of your hand although there is a smaller version for kids or adults who want to have a bigger gadget to read posts or browse online. The smalller iPad called the iPad Mini can be enclosed between an adult's thumb and four fingers. But if you want to have a smaller digital gadget to put inside your packet, greater mobility, or simply lesser weight to go with you wherever you go, then iPhone is your choice. If portability is your main goal, buy the iPhone.

iPad has a bigger virtual keyboard which can easily accommodate the fingers but the iPhone has limited space for this. There are, however, virtual laser keyboard now offered separately for a fee. One is featured in Think Geek.

2. Price

The other major difference between iPhone and iPad is in terms of price. The iPad costs more than the iPhone. This is expected because the iPad will use more physical components and of course housing to display the webpage in a bigger format. This also provide greater flexibility to the manufacturer to include additional features.

As of the latest post in the Apple website at this time of writing, the iPad Mini costs $329, iPad 2 at $399 while the latest iPad with retina display starts at $499. For each upgrade in random access memory (RAM), that is, say from 16 gigabytes to  32 GB, you have to add $100. The maximum you can get is $399 for 64 GB. That's a lot of memory to run your graphic applications.

Is it a good investment to add or upgrade your RAM? That will depend entirely on your preference. Generally, more RAM means faster web access and faster loading of applications as more space is allocated for the different software applications to work.

If you are power hungry, is impatient, working on your website and has the money, better invest in an iPhone or iPad with the highest RAM available. But if what you just want is a simple gadget that you can use to access your email once in a while or read posts on your spare time, then better buy the cheapest one available.

The relative advantage of the iPad against the iPhone is that you don't need to squint to see the small displays found in the smaller iPhone. Perhaps, the iPhone would be preferred if someone still has no issues with his eyes. But if you have eye problems, that is you need a pair of glasses to make out small words, iPad is better.

At this point, you should be familiar and able to distinguish the difference between iPhone and iPad. Remember the portability and price considerations. List down or bear in mind what you really want after knowing the difference between iPhone and iPad and invest your money wisely.

If you are ready then you may go to the Apple website and shop either for an iPhone or an iPad or find your favorite store.

©2012 November 23 Patrick Regoniel What is the Difference Between iPhone and iPad?

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