What Makes Apple Products So Popular?
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What Makes Apple Products So Popular?

Why is it that Apple products are so popular? It actually has fairly little to do with the actual performance of the product, and much more to do with marketing, and how the product is being advertised. Apple markets specifically to specific groups or types of people by knowing when and were to market their product. Read below for more information!

What is it about Apple products that drives the public crazy? As of now, Apple officially has more money than many small countries around the world! But what is it that causes people to flock towards the latest apple products like Donkey Kong to a golden Bananna? Here are just a few reasons:

1) Interface is an art. Apple understands that. Weather or not a product is easy to use can often be a primary factor in a customers decision to buy the product. The use of a touch screen, Siri, and motion controls allow people to almost immediately know how to control an iphone, right from the minute they pick it up. 

2) Presentation is key. Adveratising. Have you ever noticed anything special about adds for Apple products? Not only do Apple products show up in TV adds all the time, but they're adds are carefully made to look sleek, and shiny. Apple spends billions of dollars every year on adveratising, and it certainly pays off through the continued purchasing of thier product.

3) Knowing the audience. Apple knows exactly who theyre selling too, and where. In any location were apple knows teenagers are going to be present, they market thier product to look cool, and artistic. On the reverse side, Apple also knows that most of those teenagers will have thier parents buy the apple product for them, therefore, at the malls and shopping centers were Apple products are going to be sold, they market to older, more profesional types by pointing out the educational uses of an Apple product, such as an iPhone.

4) Looking good in comparrison. By putting something more expensive on the market, such as an iPad, which does basically the same thing as an iPhone, Apple was able to increase iPhone and iPod touch sales drastically. The truth is, a large part of the reason that the iPad came out, was not in fact, for you to buy it. It was because next to a brand new iPad, an iPod touch looks like a very reasonably priced piece of hardware, it doesnt matter weather or not it actually is one.

5) They're prodcts are shiny. Its true. And we'll all have to admit it sometime or another. One reason we love to buy Apple products i that, unlike products by thier competitors such as microsoft, almost all apple products look almost exactly the same. They usually contain  a shiny coat of either black or white, with rounded edges, a mostly symetrical design, and a big apple logo stamped on the back. And hey, if your going to make a six hundred dollar investment, the least you could do is spend your money on something that looks appealing!

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